MORNSUN Two-channel Isolation Transceiver for RS485

MORNSUN Two-channel Isolation Transceiver for RS485

MORNSUN has recently announced a two-channel 485 isolation transceiver module TDx22D485H-A series, to assist fast signal response in industries such as but not limited to ~ power grid, industrial control, transportation and instrumentation. All MORNSUN products are distributed in Australia & New Zealand by DLPC Pty Ltd.

Product advantages are as follows,

  1. Data rate up to 120kbps
  2. Two-channel isolation, supports full-duplex communication mode
  3. Automatic Switching, which can help the user save the cost of software compared to the conventional 485 products
  4. Internal construction is highly integrated, the size of duplex series TD5x22D485H-A is same as the single out series TDx21D485H-A
  5. Adopts our fixed input R3 technology by applying an independent oscillator instead of the Royer circuit, integrating internal discrete components, which is better suited in full dynamic load applications and can increase the communication reliability of products.


  • Integrated high efficiency isolated DC/DC converter
  • Automatic switch to send and receive
  • Three- port isolation: 2.5kVDC
  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +85℃
  • High baud rate up to 120kbps
  • The bus is able to support 32 nodes at maximum
  • ESD protection, complete EMC recommended circuit

A typical application case:

Part Number Characteristics Power Input (VDC) Baud Rate (bps) Maximum Operating Current (mA) Nodes Certification
TD322D485 H-A Duplex isolation automatic switching 3.3 120K 120 32 EN60950 (Pending)
TD522D485 H-A 5 120K 120 32 EN60950 (Pending)
Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:

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