3-20W Ultra-compact Cost-effective AC/DC Converter LD-R2 Series

3-20W Ultra-compact Cost-effective AC/DC Converter LD-R2 Series

Introduction of AC/DC Converter LD-R2 Series

Due to the development of IoT (Internet of Things) and the 'smart home' concept, the requirement of household appliances on the safety and dimensions are more important than ever. MORNSUN ultra-compact AC/DC converter LD-R2 series, for example, 1 x 1x 0.7 inches of LD03/LD05 series, is the ideal power supply for applications with space limitation. 

With the universal input voltage of 85-305VAC, an operating temperature range of -40~85, and an efficiency of 87%, the AC to DC converter LD-R2 series can be used for applications in commercial and industrial. The 2-Y-capacitors design, EMI class B without external components requirement, and no-load power consumption as low as 0.1W make them the perfect match for the household appliance. 

The LDxx-23BxxR2 series is provided with the IEC / EN / UL62368 and the IEC / EN60335 and the IEC / EN61558 safety standard for domestic applications. These compact modules are very suitable for use in smart meters, kitchen equipment, climate control such as sustainable heating and cooling, and other IoT applications in a domestic environment.


Typical application of AC/DC Converter LD-R2 Series

It can be widely used in many fields such as industrial control systems, smart homes, smart buildings, smart agriculture, household appliances, etc.

Features of AC/DC Converter LD-R2 Series 

  • Operating temperature range: -40to +85
  • High efficiency up to 87%
  • No-load consumption as low as 0.1W
  • Wide input voltage range:85 - 305VAC/100 - 430VDC
  • 5000m altitude application
  • EMI meets CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B
  • Meet IEC/EN/UL62368/EN60335/EN61558 standards

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