A global recognized leader in power management solutions. Eaton products have a heritage of innovation with renowned quality, expertise & customer commitment. Offering a range of evolving and trusted brands, the products and technology you depend on remains unchallenged & meets current critical electrical power management applications.


An extensive selection of High Quality, High Reliability, PCB mount (2.5V ~ 5.5V) Coin Cell, Flat/Cylindrical Cell, Large Cell (0.1F ~ 3000F ) & Modular Supercapacitors (16.2V~48.6V) from 65F to 166F.

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Magnetics - Inductors and Transformer Range

Available in SMD & Through Hole configurations, Automative, Common Mode, Multi Phase and Vcore Inductors and Chokes for Commercial or Industrial Applications. Shielded & Unsheilded, high frequency, high current, low inductance, small or large form factor, low EMI, toroidal and radial through hole and any requirement. SMD Transformers for Power Over Ethernet POE (4W~26W) , CCFL and Low Profile Configerable Transformers applications