Mornsun’s New Fixed Input R3 Series DC Converters

Mornsun’s New Fixed Input R3 Series DC Converters

Offer solutions to 3 common issues with power supply design.

  1. Short circuit protection where large capacitive loads make it difficult to coexist
  2. Focus on high efficiency at full load whilst ignoring efficiency at low load, standby current power consumption
  3. In situations where large capacitors cannot be used as it may cause start up failure or destroy the converter

MORNSUN’s fixed input voltage DC/DC converters R3 series have adopted IC technologies that decouple these conflicts whilst maintaining continuous short-circuit protection, capacitive load and start-up capability which greatly resolves problems existing in the design.

Mornsun’s fixed input range of 1W DC/DC R3 Converters free up your time from power supply design with a simple low cost and effective solution with a small foot print.

Offering a comprehensive range of cross industry SIP, DIP and SMD pin compatible packages.

Featuring high efficiencies at low and high load low standby power consumption, high capacitive loading up to 2400uf, short circuit protection with soft start up, UL62368/EN62368 Certifications in place.

SIP Series A/B/E/F_S-1WR3, B_LS & IF_LS-1WR3, IB_S& IB_LS-1WR3
DIP Series F05_N-1WR3
SMD Series A/B/E/F/CF_XT-1WR3 & IB_XT-75WR3

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