MORNSUN 3W ACDC Converter with Transient Output Power Up to 12W

MORNSUN 3W ACDC Converter with Transient Output Power Up to 12W

MORNSUN Distributed in Australia & New Zealand by DLPC Pty Ltd has released it’s first high-transmission power product in a 3W AC/DC converter.

The new LDE03-20Bxx-O Series 3W unit can support up to 12W output of transient power for 10 seconds, resolving power redundancy requirements for systems needing high transient power for short periods.
There are some applications where a high transient communication or drive power is required in applications like electrical control systems, automatic meter reading, anti-theft alarms, and access electric lock applications where large amounts of power are required in a short time such as transmitting and receiving data or for driving relays.

Usually, in those situations system designers generally have to use much larger and much more expensive higher output devices to cover the transient need, resulting in power redundancy

MORNSUN has comprehensively optimized the circuit design & material platform, MORNSUN’s research prompted the launch of a 3W high transient power AC/DC converter.

The LDE03-20Bxx-O series assists the demands of a high transient power system and can reliably replace a 12W unit with a 3W unit in those situations which optimizes both the cost and build size.

Additionally the series has a 4KVAC high isolation voltage, -40 to 80c wide operating temperature, only a 0.3W low no-load power consumption, full  protection with output short circuit, over current, over voltage & over-temperature protections, small size of only 37.0*24.5*18.0mm (compatible with our LDE03-20Bxx), saving system application space and ensures reliable system application.

Applications products are mainly used in electrical control systems, automatic meter reading, anti-theft alarms and access electric locks, relays or any application that requires high transient power (such as high transient communication or drive power).

The features this device offers are 3W continuous output with 12W capable for up to 10s, universal voltage 85-264VAC/100-370VDC, -40-80c temp range with 4KVAC isolation, 0.3W no-load consumption a full range of protection Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature protection in a UL94V-O case with EN62368 approval,  meets UL62368、IEC62368 certificates and meets EMI CISPR32/EN55032 CLASS B

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