Power Supply PV45-29D1515-15 for SVG ( Static Variable Generator) 150-1500VDC (10:1)

Power Supply PV45-29D1515-15 for SVG ( Static Variable Generator) 150-1500VDC (10:1)

Presented by DLPC Pty Ltd the Mornsun PV45-29D1515-15 is used in frequency conversion applications for High Voltage PV (Photo Voltaic) and SVG ( Static Variable Generator) applications & is also suitable for use in extreme conditions, with -40c ~ +85c  temperature range & 5000M altitude range which provides for high reliability and ultra-wide input voltage applications

Power Grid Safety is increasingly important due to rising electricity demand & SVG substantially improves power grid quality ensuring system safety by balancing three-phase load, restraining harmonics & improving power factor.

Internal power supplies such as these are at the core SVG systems so reliability is of the utmost importance.

The PV45-29D1515-15 offers ultra-wide input voltage (150-1500VDC) instant over-voltage up to 1.6KVDC, which greatly cuts the risk of product damage due to input voltage surges at the same time having a high level of isolation up to 4KVAC and excellent EMS performance to level-four electric standard, that ensures the system’s safety.

Additional to the above the PV45-29D1515-15 has a high level of in built protections input under-voltage, reverse voltage, output short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protections, which provides for greater reliability.

DLPC Pty Ltd is the ANZ Master Dsitributor for Mornsun.

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