NEW 100WR3 Series 18-75V Ultra-Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converter URF48xxQB-100WR3

NEW 100WR3 Series 18-75V Ultra-Wide Input Voltage  DC/DC Converter URF48xxQB-100WR3

Along with the upgrading of traditional manufacturing processes and increased requirement for industrial automation, traditional industries like industrial control & communication industries have an increased demand for medium-power DC/DC power supplies. Following this trend, MORNSUN's new 100W DC/DC converter—URF48xxQB-100WR3 series that have an  18-75V ultra-wide input voltage and can be widely used in industrial control, communication, electrical generation and railway applications. For example ~ intermediate bus in Industrial control systems, distributed power systems, wireless network equipment systems, medium - high power control systems & long-distance DC power supply systems.

With efficiencies up to 94% the URF48xxQB-100WR3 series seeks to offer further cost reduction and efficiency improvements . Additional to a quality guarantee, service assurance &  technical support, the series also provides customers with an improved choice, high reliability and excellent performance.

Continual advancement of Mornsun's R3 DC/DC converters with wide input voltages keeps on extending  available profiles.

Look out for the NEW URF48xxQB-100W/150WR3 and URF48xxQB-75WR3 arriving soon ! 

Example Application:

Intelligent Inspection Robot - Power Substation

Intelligent substation inspection robots constantly inspect power transmission equipment, monitoring to ensure operational safety of the equipment , which can include - data collection, video surveillance, temperature, humidity & pressure measurement. When a fault is detected, robot's can remotely identify equipment failure which  protects the staff from being exposed to safety risks.

A robot requires robust endurance which is a higher requirement for a power module. Using two 100W DC/DC converters above offers 4:1 input voltage(18-75V )& high efficiency in the application in the form a dual drive, which simplifies circuit design and reduces power consumption.


  • 18-75VD Ultra-wide input voltage range
  • 2250VDC Isolation Voltage
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85c
  • Inbuilt Protections are - Input under-voltage , output short circuit, over-current, over–voltage & over-temperature protection
  • 1/4 Brick International Standard pin-out, connector and heat sink option available.
  • Meets EN60950 standards 

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