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TxxxxHL is a specific with HART smart field instruments launched signal conditioning modules,The isolation module is designed for transmitting the input voltage signal to the output isolation current that the value is a standard 3.7~22mA through output loop-powered , the module can offer a isolation micro-power for the pre-devices. The module also has an integrated HART signal channel,according to the recommended solutions, it can realize the Half duplex communication of The field and control area,which greatly reduce the wiring cost between the field and the control area. The module adopts unique electromagnetic isolation mode and high performance level after. The module achieves the function of transmitting voltage signal to a 3.7~22mA standard signal isolation accurately conversion, which be used in a variety of instruments analog input port (such as PLC, DCS systems, etc.) to match. In addition, this module has extremely small form factor (SIP9) and excellent temperature drift characteristics (at -40 ¼ ~ +85 ¼ operating temperature range drift is less than 50PPM / ¼), this module can bear 2KVAC isolation voltage between the input and output.

  • Vout (VDC) - 3.3
  • Input Signal (VDC) - 0~2.5
  • Output Signal (mA) - 3.7~22
  • Isolation (VAC) - 2000
  • Package - SIP

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