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TRP / C Series temperature signal isolation module is a hybrid integrated circuit, it is the RTD signal by the level of isolation of temperature converted into a standard linear with temperature signal. The circuit on the same chip integrates a set of multi-channel high isolated DC / DC power supply, Several high-performance signal isolators, and RTD linearization, long-term compensation, interference suppression circuit. Especially suitable for Pt100/Cu50/Cu100 RTD signal isolation converted into a standard signal isolation, Temperature signals transmission and remote without distortion, Temperature signal acquisition and isolated of DCS system or industrial site PLC. Chip integrates a high-efficiency DC-DC, it can produce two groups were separated from each other to the internal power amplifier inputs, modulation circuit supply and Outputs of the demodulator circuit, Switching circuit, and filter circuit. SMD technology structure and new isolation technologies allow the device to achieve: power, signal input and signal output 2000VAC Three-terminal isolation. The product can meet the harsh operating environment requirements. Such as industrial grade temperature, humidity and vibration environment. TRP / C Series temperature signal isolation module very convenient to use, with minimal external components to achieve Pt100/Cu50/ Cu100 RTD signal isolation transmitter. It can also achieve industrial site temperature control signal of 1 input 2 output and 1 input 4 output functions.

  • Vin (VDC) - 24
  • Input Signal - Pt100 (0~200ºC)
  • Output Signal - 4~20mA
  • Isolation (VAC) - 2000
  • Package - DIP

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