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Integrated 3W Isolated 485 ACDC power supply, the product can be directly connected to the mains AC220V power supply, the product output two isolated power supply, including one DC power output power up to 3W, another DC power output for bus communication, input AC Power supply and two output DC power supply between the high isolation voltage of 4000VAC, two output DC power supply isolation voltage between 1500VDC, the product can be used in industrial instrumentation, industrial automation and other industries.

  • Integrated Power
  • Power - 3W
  • Baud rate (kbps) - 500
  • Number of Nodes - 128
  • Isolation (VDC) - 4000
  • Package - DIP
  • Dimensions (mm) - 44.16 x 19.62 x 16.34

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