Terminal Straps and Brackets - For 1418 Series Enclosures

Terminal Straps and Brackets - For 1418 Series Enclosures

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  • Used to provide convenient mounting for terminal blocks, pneumatic controls or small relays in 1418 wallmount enclosures.
  • Brackets may be installed horizontally or vertically in an enclosure if the size corresponds to enclosure length or width.
  • Finished in white.

Bracket Assembly

  • Each kit consists of two or three brackets per assembly.
  • Brackets combined with collar stud length provide 3" minimum clearance from the rear of the enclosure.
  • "C" channel construction provides easy alignment of terminal straps.

Terminal Strap

  • 1.5" wide x 0.187" thick steel.
  • Each strap includes spring locking hardware.
  • Countersunk holes in straps provide extra terminal mounting space.

How to Order

  • Each enclosure requires one bracket assembly kit and the required number of straps (order separately).
  • Determine if strap will be mount­ed parallel to dimension "A" or "B".
    Choose the part number that corresponds to enclosure dimensions "A" or "B".
  • When choosing a bracket assembly to be parallel to dimension "B" in an enclosure of 24", 30" or 36" width, determine if a two or three bracket assembly is required. When enclosures are 48" or greater on "A" dimension, 6 collar studs are used.
  • Choose strap kit to correspond to the other enclosure dimensions.
  • Order the number of kits equal to the number of straps required.

Spec Sheet