TAxxxPW series

TAxxxPW series

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TAxxxPW series analog isolator and isolator with isolation power output which are mainly applied in industrial automation systems can isolated convert analog input signal of the industrial field instruments to the matched analog output signal for the DCS/PLC, realizing the acquisition and transmission of field signal. An independent power supply is needed for the product and the port of power supply, input and output are isolated from each other. This series of products contain combinations of 1 input 1 output, 1 input 2 output, 2 input 2 output and so on. The thickness of 12.5mm meet the need for high density field installation.

  • Vin (VDC) - 18~30
  • Current Input - 4~20mA/ 0~20mA (Programmable)
  • Voltage input - 0~5V/ 0~10V/ 1~5V/ 2~10V (Programmable)
  • Current output 4~20mA/ 0~20mA (Programmable)
  • Voltage output 0~5V/ 0~10V/ 1~5V/ 2~10V(Programmable)

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