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TAx06W-xx Passive Signal Isolators, ideal for applied in the industrial automation system ,receive the 4~20mA signal from the industrial field equipment, and provide an isolated output to DCS/PLC. Galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and blocks transient signals, which improve system stability. The products can also be used in the application of output loop circuit power supply. Through this way, it can power the two wire system instruments, and receive 4~20mA signal from the instruments which can be isolated output to PLC or DCS without any independent power supply. The product contain 1-input-1-output,2-input-2-output, 3-input-3 -output and so on. The thickness of 12.5mm meeting the need for high density field installation.

  • Input Signal - 4~20mA
  • Output Signal - 4~20mA

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