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Ultra-thin analog signal output isolation safety barrier receives the current (voltage) signals from safe zone and transmits the standard current signals to the hazardous zone isolated by linear processing, at the same time restricts the energy leaking form the port to the hazardous zone, which ensures the explosion protection capability of the system. The HART communication function enables the products to achieved HART signal half duplex communication in 250Ω load. The series products need independent power supplies, and the signal input, signal output and the power supplies are isolated from each other. The product's shell is as thin as 12.5mm. Site equipments connected: Two-wire valve localizer, electrical converter etc.; Application Zones: zone 0, zone 1, zone 2, IIA, IIB, IIC and T4~T6. Industries applications: intrinsically safe explosion protection systems of chemical engineering, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, pharmacy, natural gas, electric power, etc.

  • Vin (VDC) - 24 (18~36)
  • Input Signal - 4~20mA
  • Output Signal - 4~20mA
  • Channels - 1 Input 1 Output
  • Package - DIN-Rail

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