PJHD Series

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Type 4X Fiberglass Junction Box. Heavy Duty PJ Snap Latch.


  • Ideal to insulate and house off grid solar batteries or remote monitoring equipment in outdoor applications
  • Especially well suited for high temperature or corrosive environment
  • Protects from UV, dirt, dust, oil and water
  • Moulded in UV stabilized ultraguard FRP material, with 316 stainless hardware


  • Increased wall thickness of .200" (5mm)
  • Pad lockable snap latches
  • Gasket made of closed cell neoprene core encased in a continuous channel


  • Body = 18.24” H x 16.24” W x 10.13” D
  • Body and Lid overall Height = 12.1”
  • Optional Inner Panels
  • P1868 (white painted steel)
  • F1868 (fiberglass)
  • A1868 (un-finished aluminum)

Spec Sheet