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B0550LD-1WR2 & B0560LD-1WR2 are specially designed for applications where an isolated voltage is required in a distributed power supply system. They are suitable for:

  1. Where the voltage of the input power supply is stable (voltage variation: ±10%Vin);
  2. Where isolation between input and output is necessary (isolation voltage ≤1500VDC);
  3. Where the output voltage regulation is not strictly required;
  4. Typical application: digit circuit, normal low-frequency artificial circuit, data switching circuit and battery management system (BMS) with balance control scheme of power supply circuit condition, etc.
    • Power (W) - 1
    • Vin (VDC) - 5 (4.5~5.5)
    • No. of Output - 1
    • Isolation (VDC) - 1500
    • Package - DIP
    • Dimension (mm) - 20.32 x 10.16 x 8.2

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