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80605ST16-W5 meet reinforced insulation requirements. They are specially designed for applications where require compact size, high isolation, low isolation capacitor and low leakage current power. They are widely used in medical electricity, IGBT driver and so on. They are suitable for:

  1. Where the voltage of the Input power supply Is stable (voltage variation: ±10% Vin);
  2. Where isolation is necessary between input and output (isolation voltage <= 5000VAC; Such as Medical collection and isolation, High voltage collection circuit IGBT-driven circuits, automobile motor control etc.


  • I/0 isolation test voltage 5kVAC, reinforced insulation
  • Operating ambient temperature range: -55ºC to + 125ºC
  • Adjustable output voltage: 3.3V, 3.7V, 5.0V, 5.4V
  • High CMTI: ± 150 kV/uS
  • Design to meet AEC-Q 100 (under testing)
  • Design to meet IEC62368/UL62368/EN62368 (under testing)
  • Design to meet EN60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 (2xMOPP)
  • SOIC 16 package
  • Integrated soft-start, over-load protection, over-temperature protection and continuous short-circuit protection

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