1597DIN Series - DIN Rail Mounted Enclosures

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Key Features:

  • Ideally suited for housing electronics for DIN rail-mounted devices.  Applications include:
    • Industrial drives and controls
    • Automation
    • HVAC
    • IoT
  • Mounts to standard symmetrical 35 mm DIN rail
  • Dark gray mounting base molded from PPE & PS
  • Light gray main enclosure body molded from polycarbonate
  • Material carries a flammability rating of UL94-V0
  • Designed to meet IP20
  • Snap closures for easy assembly
  • 5 models available
  • 4 types of covers sold individually for use in a wide variety of applications

Photo Features:

Mix and match covers as required

DIN rail mounting mechanism

Enclosure without covers

Cover Options (see table below):

Closed cover

Oval cover

Vented cover

Knockout cover


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