1455F Series - Extruded Aluminium with Integrated Flanges

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  • Designed to house P.C. boards or for equipment interfacing.
  • Integrated slotted flanges allow for easy wall mounting.
  • Flange provides a completely flat bottom surface and transitions seamlessly into the extrusion body for a finished look.
  • Sized for 50mm wide PC boards.
  • P.C. boards mount into extrusions by sliding into internal slots extruded into the enclosure body.
  • Rugged body constructed from extruded aluminium with a minimum thickness of .06” (1.5 mm).
  • Extruded aluminium body - choice of clear or black anodized
  • (2) Aluminium end panels
  • All hardware - end panel screws are #6 x 3/8” TTT - thread rolling, steel screws with a #4 flat head Phillips drive. Zinc plated finish - either clear or black
  • Replacement end panels available in packs of 10 (see table below)
  • For black replacement screws (quantity 100) order part number 1455MS100BK
  • For clear replacement screws (quantity 100) order part number 1455MS100
  • NOTE: Recommended screw torque is 5 lbs-in

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